An Inconvenient Truth

I just saw An Inconvenient Truth and it was amazing. I wanted to post and encourage people to see it. The movie is well put together and very informative. It was funny too!

Go see this movie. Whether you expect to agree or disagree, there is much to be learned for everyone. For example, one statistic I did not know about had to do with the disparity between peer-reviewed scientific papers on global warming, and news articles about the same. In a study of all papers over the last ten years, 0% of them cast doubt on the fact that global warming is happening and humans are contributing. Over the same time span, a study of news articles showed that 53% of them cast doubt on that fact.

I would love to discuss your impression of the film in the comments. Please note whether you have seen the film or not in your responses.

3 Replies to “An Inconvenient Truth”

  1. Oh great Gore is making a come back. This is nothing more than a ploy to get elected to the presidency of the USA.

  2. Love the movie and Loved the message. Okay, if Gore bothers you then you are too shallow to hear the message. If the messaage escapes you are hopeless. Can anyone imagine Bush presenting ANYTHING, as articulate as Gore did? The biggest diference between Democrtates, Liberals and Republicans and so called right wing is how they care about ALL people.

    Can’t wait for the DVD.

  3. We will wait for the DVD, because like I mentioned it won’t be in grand forks, nd. I still think this is a ploy to get his face out there for the 2008 elections. Of course Bill and Hillary will do everything they can to move him out of the way.

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