A Carbon Neutral Film

Apparently, one emerging line of attack on Al Gore and his film An Inconvenient Truth involves the charge of hypocrisy. I heard, for example, the Sean Hannity radio show yesterday, wherein Sean said (I am paraphrasing) Al Gore has no right to tell Americans how they should change their lives if he plans to fly all over the place and drive constantly.

So, to rebut this silliness up front, here’s an interesting fact about the movie:

How the movie was offset:

With Native Energy, Participant Productions and Paramount Pictures Classics offset 100% of the CO2 pollution from air and ground travel, production energy use, and waste associated with the making of An Inconvenient Truth. By purchasing over 40 tons of offsets, Participant Productions and Paramount Pictures Classics made the film climate neutral and is helping build the Rosebud St. Francis wind farm in South Dakota and the Dovan family dairy farm methane renewable energy project in Pennsylvania.

You too, can offset the CO2 from your daily actions, such as travel, commuting and heating and powering your home with Native Energy.

Native Energy is an innovative, entrepreneurial effort to offer CO2 offsets to anyone who wants to neutralize their impact on the climate. So, when you hear the hypocrisy attack leveled at this movie, you know it is baseless.