Jefferson Must Step Down

This is going to be brief. Representative William Jefferson (D) has been filmed taking bribes, and someone has pled guilty to bribing him. He is corrupt. He must resign immediately because he has disgraced himself, his constituents, and our government.

I don’t give a damn about his excuses, that the FBI shouldn’t be allowed to search his office, or that his lawyers have advised him not to comment. He is dirty. He should go home.

Corruption in our government must not be tolerated.

UPDATE: The Congressional Black Caucus has rallied around Jefferson, and has decried Pelosi’s call for him to step down. I am usually a big fan of the CBC, but in this case I think they ought to reexamine the situation. Jefferson is corrupt, if not technically in the eyes of the law, certainly in the eyes of the public. He cannot be allowed to continue as a Representative if he may be corrupt. If he is cleared of all charges I will be the first to call for his reinstatement.