Another Day Without DeLay

It is a good feeling. Oh, and remember that “War on Christians” conference I blogged a few days ago? Well, The Nation’s Robert Scheer heard about it too, and his take is spot on:

Let’s leave aside for a moment the absurdity of right-wing Christians’ persecution complex at a time when their adherents effectively control all three branches of the federal government. What’s even more confusing is how so many enemies of virtue seem to have had a field day operating under poor DeLay’s auspices, including the latest member of his staff to plead guilty to a felony. That would be Tony Rudy, DeLay’s former deputy chief of staff, who has now pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge for accepting payments from fellow criminal Jack Abramoff while serving in DeLay’s office, and later working to corrupt public officials and defraud clients.

Exactly. It’s getting to the point where, if a high level Republican operative says something, it is generally the case that the opposite is true.

3 Replies to “Another Day Without DeLay”

  1. Hey, Walrus, talking about Christian values, I’ve got a long list of Repub pervs on my blog.
    It’s completely disgusting.

  2. I’m a Christian who believes that Delay represents the worst type of corruption of the faith; leading unwary Christians away from Christ.

    Jesus told us to work on behalf of the poor, to not store up treasures on earth. He spoke against the rich and against those who corrupt the law while declaring their own virtue. His disciples taught that to show preference to the wealthy over the poor was a sin.

    I guess that Jesus must have been a part of this anti-Christian conspiracy. Ironic, eh?

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