Record Deficit in February

Just want to let you all know that, via the Washinton Post,

Record spending in February pushed the federal deficit to the highest level ever for a single month.

. . .

In the first five months of the budget year that began on Oct. 1, the deficit totals $217.6 billion, an improvement of 2.6 percent over the deficit of $223.4 billion run up during the first five months of the 2005 budget year. The total deficit last year was $319 billion, the third largest on record.

Spending this year is expected to be pushed higher by the costs of fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and rebuilding along the hurricane-devastated Gulf Coast.

Terrible news. I suppose when you and your vice president are pretty well off, and have been for your whole lives, it’s understandable that you think the money will come from somewhere. In the real world, debts have to be paid off, and the current fiscal management of this nation is leading us to ruin.

And I don’t buy the numbers game the article plays, by comparing the yearly deficits and depicting some sort of improvement. A little better than “completely horrendous” is still “not good.”

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  1. I keep hearing that the economy is “good”, the job market is “good”, the war is “good” so I guess I’m supposed to believe it.
    Oh, except for that pesky little fact that I live in the “real” world and the bubble doesn’t extend this far.:)

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