Don’t Forget Conservative Amnesty Month

As the days pass, conservatives, so your amnesty opportunity is passing. Look inside your heart, and admit the truth: George W. Bush is not the man you thought he was. He is not taking care of Americans. From the needless wasting of American lives in Iraq, to the negligent response to Katrina, the President has shown that he will not protect American lives. We all know this.

Maybe you are thinking that you agree, but that you can’t bring yourself to vote Democrat. Let’s talk it over. Conservative Amnesty Month is all about coming together in a spirit of forgiveness to put our country on a better path. So leave some comments, and we’ll talk it over. Let’s make 2006 a turning point for all Americans.

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One Reply to “Don’t Forget Conservative Amnesty Month”

  1. Keep rockin’ Walrus.

    Now remeber we forgive conservative voters, for their sins of voting Republican. we do not forgive Republican politicans.

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