Conservative Amnesty Month

As you can tell from the title of my blog, I am a Liberal. While you might expect this to make me forever an enemy of conservatives, that just isn’t the case. I know that the conservatives out there must be having a hard time these last few weeks. Scandals have rocked their senate, their house, and even their White House. Their favored son has fumbled and bobbled so many of his jobs that it can be hard to find something he did right.

I’m here to open my arms to my conservative brothers and say: forgiveness can be yours. You have a chance in the upcoming election to erase the mistakes of the past and start out on a better path. That’s right, I’m joining other progressive bloggers in offering amnesty, as part of Conservative Amnesty Month. Whether you want to change parties, or you just recognize the disastrous calamity that has befallen our government as a result of your votes, I stand ready to accept you. There are so many places to find amnesty for your past votes:

  • Evil Bobby has mentioned that he will forgive you.
  • The Mad Prophet has also opened his heart
  • At Gray Does Matter the amnesty is open as well

Please, come back to the reality based community. Vote for your local Democrat and all will be forgiven. I think we can all agree that our nation needs a fresh start.

5 Replies to “Conservative Amnesty Month”

  1. I was directed here by Evil Bobby. This sounds like a good idea, as Bush’s approval ratings are falling and Republicans might wish to reconsider what path they have sent this country down.I pledge my support!

  2. I suspect there are many conservatives out there with buyer’s remorse. I say, let them repent, and we will cooperate with them to put right the mistakes of the past. Thanks for reading!

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