Idiot Mounts Challenge to Spitzer

Apparently a fool by the name of Thomas Suozzi has decided to run against Spitzer in the Democratic Primary for New York Governor. From the February 26th New York Times:

Thomas R. Suozzi, the Nassau County Executive and a self-styled renegade Democrat, announced Saturday that he was challenging Attorney General Eliot Spitzer for his party’s nomination for governor, running as an underdog who will rely to an unusual degree on New Yorkers who have been sued by Mr. Spitzer or who dislike his tactics.

Suozzi, I guess, thinks that it’s a good thing for a Democrat to do, to take money from possible criminals who are under investigation, pissed off at Spitzer for catching them scamming the populace for money! Some strong language occurs to me. Suozzi’s campaign is stupid too:

Mr. Suozzi pledged to “fix the culture of Albany” by working to reduce property taxes, overhauling Medicaid to save billions, settling a state education funding lawsuit, and giving more money to schools in New York City and districts statewide.

Let’s examine those pledges briefly:

  • Reduce property taxes? What the hell? How’s that going to fix anything, unless trying to balance the budget is a problem.
  • “Overhaul” Medicare? WTF? Democrats believe that the state has a responsibility to care for its citizens, idiot.
  • Settling a lawsuit is neutral, so I can’t criticize it.
  • I am all for more money to schools

By my count that guy’s not a Democrat. Of course, he lists his party affiliation proudly on his website. Oh wait. No he doesn’t. He’s ashamed of his party, and I am ashamed of him. Surely he has some good positions though, right? Wrong.

Democratic allies of Mr. Spitzer also say that Mr. Suozzi is a political unknown statewide whose chances are being intensified by news media eager for a political battle. They also question his opposition to gay marriage and his attacks on what opponents call partial-birth abortion, saying he is acting like a Republican.

I’d say those Democratic allies are correct. If you’re going to be a Democrat, you should believe that all people deserve fair and equal treatment under the law, even if they are-gasp!-women or gay people. Idiot.

The New York Times story does make some irritating equivocations, seemingly for the sake of balance, like this stuff:

When pressed, though, most of them acknowledge that Mr. Suozzi is the kind of politician who many voters statewide have historically related to: A handsome Italian-American Catholic from the suburbs whose grandparents were poor immigrants and who has proved appealing to some Nassau Republicans.

. . .

“The likability factor is a very important piece of this,” Mr. Jacobs said. “Tom is very good at walking into a room and connecting with people. He likes people. Think of Kennedy vs. Nixon. Think of Clinton vs. Bush or Bush vs. Kerry.”

Wow, I guess this guy must be pretty good looking and likable, huh? What about his ability to, you know, do a good job? Oh, and note to Mr. Jacobs: don’t compare your Democratic candidate to George W. Bush if you can avoid it. Idiot.