A New President

So, readers, I have been working on refitting this site after a long absence–during which time, it seems, wordpress has gone through some changes.  Overall, though, I am reminded what a terrible time the last 8 years have been.  President Bush led assaults on science, choice, open government, fiscal sanity, peace, and our reputation in the world, just to name a few.

Obviously, the election and imminent inauguration of President Obama will be a titanic step in the right direction.  Still, worries linger.  The economy has been cut down, and our military creaks under the strain of 2 wars, neither pursued with acumen or wisdom.

Can Obama solve these problems?  Is there hope?  These are the questions I think about.  Of course, no one person can save us; we must save ourselves.  What, though, does it mean to save ourselves?

I propose that we should save ourselves from the cruelty of chance, by instituting universal health coverage.  From the avarice of the powerful, by taxing income at one rate without regard to the source, and by regulating financial transactions more rigorously.  From the whims of our leaders, by strengthening our constitutional freedoms and protections against abuse of power.  And, finally, from the delusions of the many, by supporting the full separation of church and state.

The preceding paragraph may come as no surprise, given the political views of this blog, but it’s worth noting that, although we have elected a Democrat, many battles lie ahead.  Good luck, Mr. Obama, and good luck America.