Bill Clinton’s Supposed Rage

CNN has developed a weird habit of reporting on the interactions of their reporters with Bill Clinton in terms that portray him as enraged, lashing out, angered, and just generally aggressive and scary. See, for example, this story, wherein Bill is described as visibly upset. When I watch the video, it seems that Bill is staying cool while making a point in an intense, focussed way.

Earlier, there was this story, in which Bill “gets heated” with a reporter. Again, though, the video tells a different story. Bill does not raise his voice or show any other signs of anger.

Why is this frame showing up persistently in CNN’s coverage? The storyline of Bill overstepping his appropriate place in Hillary’s campaign is definitely gaining traction, and this makes sense given the novelty of the First Gentleman (or whatever the position might be called) role, and what it might entail. In addition, though, it fits into the storyline of Hillary’s campaign as a tough, take-no-prisoners operation that will use any means at its disposal to destroy its enemies.

Though it’s understandable, this consistent mischaracterization is getting a lot of play, to an extent that is weird and a little bit irritating. Has anyone else noticed this?